We hope to make you Liberty Strong fans!

Nik and I have been waiting to bring you a page-turner of a series featuring a kick-ass heroine–a heroine who you  just might have seen on TV. Meet Liberty Strong, star of  Dead Extra. Liberty’s in trouble. What awesome heroine isn’t? And needless to say, what soap actress wants to be an extra…or dead.

We’re having a blast writing Dead Extra and hope you’ll follow us, and Liberty, on your favorite e-reader. Episodes one through four in the six-episode series have just been released and you can find links below.

Michael and Nik Two

"Dead Extra (Episodes 1-4)" by Michael Saucedo & Nik Price on Ganxy
“Dead Extra” by Michael Saucedo & Nik Price on Ganxy

Q: How do I read it? A: You can follow the series on any e-reader, including iOS devices with the Kindle app. Just follow the links above.

Q: How many episodes are there? A: Dead Extra is the first book in the Liberty Strong Series. Each book has 6-7 episodes. Each episode is about 15k words. Just long enough to hold you over to the next one!

Q: Are you guys seriously writing this as I’m reading it? A: Yup. We like the pressure.

Q: When is the next release? A: Each episode will be released every three weeks.

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